I have these great Australian made products from Pure Distilling.

Crystal-Clear-100x67 filterforweb-67x100 Spirit-Enhancer-71x100 Condenser-on-5L-Boiler-500wide Yeast-Pack-Cropped-66x100
Spirit maker Distill which is great & comes with 5 year warranty !!!
I have heaps of different Spirits & liqueurs flavours to choose from

                                  Edwards Essences,Top Shelf, Still Spirits & Samuel Willard’s !!!

Edwards new packs LoRes

Samuel pre mix

Samuel Willards

I have quality Dextrose which come in 500 grams, 1kg or 25kgs.
For 500grams the price is $2.25.
For 1kg the price is $4.00.
For the price of 25kgs, ring or email me for further information.

                  SPIRIT YEAST RangeStill Spirits,Pure Distilling & Samuel Willard’s !!!

Still Spirits – Power,Classic,ExpressHeatwave & Triple Distilled.

Samuel Willard’s – alcotec 48hrs.

Pure Distilling – Premium Spirit yeast.