Check out these great product !!! It’s easy to use & easy to program as well !!
It’s like having your own mirco-brewery at home !!!
I recommend this product & use it for my “Brewing Classes” with great feedback from my customers !!!
I can get this great German Brewing Equipment in 20L, 50L & 200L sizes !!!

(NEW) speidelbraumeister_20_50

The Braumeister 20L is $2,565.00*.
The Braumeister 50L is $3,585.00*.
For the 200L Braumeister, please contact me for availability and price.
Please Note: If you purchase a Braumeister I will help you to program your Braumeister and I will give you a few brewing tips too.

Also I do use Braumeister for my Brewing Classes on Selected Sundays !!! For more info contact me at my shop or send me a email
*Prices are subject to change without notice from Matty’s Brewing Supplies.