Beer Brewing

“A” Type coupler to suit Tooheys, Coopers and XXXX Kegs.$82.95  A-Type Keg Coupler
“D” Type coupler to suit CUB, Carlton Draft and VB kegs.$72.95  D-Type Keg Coupler
E.K. tap from Andale.$110.00  IMG_0873
Regular draft tap.$36.95  Reg Brumby
Long shank draft tap.$74.95  80mm Shank Reg Brumby
Plastic spoon 485mm long.$7.25  Long Spoon 50cm
Airlock.$3.25  Vintage Airlock
Airlock – Senior type.$5.50  Airlock Senior
Airlock grommet.$1.80  Airlock Grommet
White drum tap.$3.60  White Tap 3_4"
White sediment reducer.0.80c  Sediment Reducer
Brewing thermometer. (0°C – 30°C)$5.00  Stick on Thermometer
Stainless steel clamps.To suit 7-10mm OD.0.80c each  image103-75
Gas line splitters. $11.50  Gas Line Splitter
Stainless Steel Ball lock connectors to suit Cornelius Kegs.(Grey for in & Black for out) $18.95 each.  S:S connectors for push-inS:S connectors with barbs
Nut & Barb for keg connector or to make life easier with the 8mm push-in fitting for the Cornelius keg(below).Nut & Barb – $5.50  Nut & Barbimage101-71
Ball lock connectors. $9.50 each  Ball Lock Connector WhiteBall Lock Connector
Brand new Cornelius keg lids.  image129-78
Reconditioned Cornelius 19L kegs.Plus “NEW” 19L kegs available !!! Second-hand $75.00 or New $130.00  Pin-Lock 19L Keg
Wort aerator pump kit.$59.95  Wort Eartor pump kit
Barley crusher which can be use by hand or electric drill. It is adjustable to suit your needs. Please note: The wooden base is NOT included. $215.00  Barley Crusher
Door mounted, stainless steel, drip tray.30cm $69.9540cm $79.95  20cm Door Mounted Drip Tray
Deluxe party pump kit. It is great because you don’t need a gas bottle, you pump the keg by hand to get the beer out. This makes it excellent for fishing, camping, birthdays parties & more. Please NOTE: This item requires an “A” type coupler to fit. An “A” type coupler can be purchased for an extra $80.00. The “D” type won’t fit due to it’s height. The Beer must also be drunk within 48 hours.
10 amp Temperature Controller (MK II). This is great for getting your fermentor temperature right for certain styles of beer. This item also allows you to ferment your beer all year round and have your beer at the temperature that suits you. Includes: Temperature probe (1°C accuracy)? – Instructions? – Control panel mounting bracket- Fridge on indicator light. Features:?Broad temperature operating range (-44°C to 99°C) and high accuracy, high, 10 amp, cooling and 7 amp heating capacity. $59.95New 16amp model (heating & cooling) $72.95  Temp Controller
Keg king regulators (0-80psi) multi gas. The standard “type 30″ nut & stem comes fitted to the regulator for CO2 & CO2/Nitrogen mixed gases. If any other type is required let me know. $85.95  CO2 Multi gas Regulator
Brand new CO2 gas bottles. This means there is no rental cost involved and the bottles are good for 10 yrs before retesting. Two Sizes are available: – 2.6kgs or 6kgs2.6kgs – $230.006kgs – $320.00  Large CO2 Gas Bottles
Stainless Steel wort chiller to suit 20L.
Copper tun heater pad. $43.95  Heating Pad
I have quality dextrose which comes in 500 grams, 1kg or 25kgs. The price of 500 grams is $1.80 and the price of 1kg is $3.60 plus the 25kg is $45.00.  Dextrose
Mangrove Jack’s Pouch Range – Craft SeriesThere’s many flavours to choose from – $29.95Bavarian WheatPilsSession AleLondon BitterIPA

Roasted Stout

Golden Lager

 Bavarian Wheat Pouch
Mangrove Jack’s International Range -Bavarian Wheat – $20.50Belgian Ale – $21.95Czech Pilsner – $18.95Munich Lager – $17.95Dutch Lager – $17.95Irish Stout – $22.95Mexican Cerveza – $17.95

Tyneside Brown Ale – $20.50

 Mangrove Jack's Belgian Ale
Gluten Free Beer – Pale Ale. $39.95  Gulten free pale ale
PH Tester 0 -14 (100 strips). $9.95  PH tester 0 - 14
Food Grade Lube. $9.95  Food grade lube
Phosphoric Acid Sanitiser 300 ml. $11.00  IMG_0888
Sodium Percarbonate. $12.00  IMG_0887
New relief valve for cornelius kegs. $4.60  image141-85
Tap plug. $3.25  IMG_0886
Keg Master Fridge available in 1 or 2 or 3 taps !!!One tap – $700.00Two Tap – $725.00Three tap – $750.00Best prices in Wagga Wagga !!!Plus can set them up for $40.00 as they come in a box !!!Also can do FREE Delivery in Wagga !!!  Keg Master Series 3
Font fan for Keg Master.$52.95  Font Fan Kit
Drip trays.Top Tray – 30 cm $46.9560 cm $65.95Bottom Tray – $48.95  30 cm Counter Drip TrayWrap Around Drip Tray
30L or 60L fermentors.30L bare fermentor – $30.0060L bare fermentor – $60.00  60L frementorAmpi 30L Fermentor
New Era Brewing Stainless Steel Fermentors !!!Best quality at a Great price !!!Brew Buckets – $249.00Brew Master – $300.00Chronical 7 gallon – $500.00Also can get their other products so please contact me –

As I’m happy to help out !!!

 Brewbucket copyBrewmaster copyConical 26.5L copy
Fresh Wort Kits – $45.00 makes 20L of beer !!!
From All Inn Brewing Co !!All – grain quality !!! Just add 5L of water & yeast !!!That’s it !!! It’s Easy !!!Flavours to choose from -Hoppy Brown

Betty Porter

Malt Lager

Black IPA

Session Ale

Penny Pale Ale

American IPA

Ruby Amber Red

Single hop Citra Ale (Limited number left !!)

Feash wort Kits
 Muntons Beer kitsPremium Range – 1.5kgs$19.95Premium Mexican

Premium Pilsner

Premium Blonde

Premium Lager

Premium Bitter

Premium Midland Milld

Premium Old Ale

Premium Irish Style Stout

Premium Scottish Heavy Ale

Premium Barley Wine


Connoisseurs Range – 1.8kgs



Continental Lager

Export Pilsner

Export Stout

IPA Bitter

Nut Brown Ale


Traditional Bitter

Wheat Beer

Yorkshire Bitter

Also available in Muntons Range -Mt Melick

3kgs GOLD

3.6kgs Premium GOLD

Woodfordes 3kgs

St Peters 3kgs

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*Prices are subject to change without notice from Matty’s Brewing Supplies.